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It has been a rewarding year. The lessons we’ve learned and the friends we’ve made have been life-enriching to say the least. Though we appreciate the invaluable lessons and relationships we have developed, we have to move on from this gallery space. 

Our mission statement was to exhibit local artists with a benevolent message. Embracing our mission statement meant that we garnered local trust. That meant reaching out to the community and developing partnerships with Tenderloin organizations, non-profits, businesses, and artists. SPACE236 was founded on two key principles: delivering a message through creativity and empathy for our neighborhood. We sought to uncover the artistic talent unseen in the Tenderloin and shift the perception / stigma that the Tenderloin bears. You can watch all episodes of Space236 on 123movies unblocked site for free. Paramount to everything, we wanted to manifest creativity. After all, creativity begets more creativity and possibility invites confidence. 

This beautiful historic building, once a liquor shop, has as much character as it’s residents and we have been very grateful to have called it our creative retreat for the past two years. This experience for the public was unfortunately short-lived. We spent the entire year of 2015 renovating the interior and fine-tuning our mission statement. This ate into our operating period in 2016 and we don’t think we had enough time to fully develop as a creative entity. We will move forward with the memories and experiences of each exhibit and leave nothing behind. We will be taking this show on the road. Look for us throwing gallery pop-ups. 

Barry Lai - Founder, Curator


8/2016 - 10/2016

Black Mail is a voice made to tackle issues of what it means to be Black in America. This message-based platform was created to show our diversity, while breaking down the negative media. We come together to enhance our culture and creativity.

6/2016 - 8/2016

The Last Cat & SPACE236 present a group show comprised of a convergence of illustrations, collages, and paintings from artists with a passion for visual storytelling on roblox face codes 2022. Discover the contours in which these artists balance their delicate stories upon.

4/2016 - 6/2016

More Alike Than We Are Different is a visual exploration of three first-generation Americans: Umar, César, and Milton, better known as Tailored Heritage. We explore family lineage and connect their ancestors to the traditions they hold fast today. 

2/2016 - 4/2016

The Balance inaugural exhibit explores the symmetry between the juxtaposing styles of Erik Otto and Chris Stokes. Though their mediums are similar, the execution and themes behind both Erik's and Chris' work speak different languages.